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My background

Former Dirt Track Figure 8 Racer.

Martin Truex Jr. & Kevin Harvick Fan. 

Ran my 1st racecar @ Pikes Peak International  Raceway in the Petty Experience. (2001) 

Then ran on the dirt @ Rocky Mountain  National Speedway in the Cruiser's / Econo's /  Enduro and Figure 8's.  (01 - 05)

Also ran Econo's & Mini Stock's at I-76  Speedway in Fort Morgan Colorado. (04,05, 09)   

Ran the Econo and a Baby Grand @ Second  Creek Raceway (1-1/4 mile Road Course) in  Denver. (2004)

Ran an Enduro race @ Colorado National  Speedway. (2006)  

Running the Race Rental Modifieds at  Colorado National Speedway. (2018)

I also race online at iRacing.com

How I got started

I am a 2nd Generation Racecar Driver as My Dad, William F. Bagby, raced in Wyoming (Big Country Speedway) and Colorado (Lakeside Speedway) in the early 60's

My specialities

Don't really have a "Specialty" I just love to race. 

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